Friday, October 31, 2008

Winner of Giveaway

The winner of the second giveaway is Jen! You're on a roll! I'll give it to you at our next playgroup.

I would have liked to use my new favorite website,, to select a winner, but when there's only one of you ... there's not much random-ness to selecting the lucky friend!


Melisa said...

This game is rigged! Oh, what's that you say? She was the only entry... oooohhhh, I see. Melisa must have been insanely busy the last few weeks to not enter for such a dang cute card!

In all seriousness, I would like to announce my return to the blog-o-sphere. I'm making my first official announcement here. ;)

I guess that wasn't in all seriousness either, but really, I am uploading pictures as we speak. Hope to be done soon. Sure have "missed" ya! ;)

Jen said...

Yeah! Thanks, girl!