Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The PT Finding and the Letter W

I had my PT appointment today and after doing several range of motion tests, the physical therapist asked me if I "W-sat" when I was growing up. I had no clue what she meant, but she described what's shown in the picture here. Ah! Why, yes ... as a matter of fact, I pretty much sat like that until college.

Apparently this may be the root cause of my knee problem. It causes one side of my thigh area to be tight and the other side to be weak. This means extra pressure on one side of my knee and no support on the other side when an impact occurs. (Again, this is my non-medical interpretation of what was said.) But, she did warn me to keep an eye on Lubbock and make sure he doesn't do this. So, I'm passing that warning on to all you other moms.

I've been given lots of exercises to help strengthen the muscles that need to be strengthened and loosen the ligaments that need to be loosened. Or whatever parts of my body need to have whatever done to them.

I asked about my 5k goal and whether I could again begin training. But, I assured her that by training, I really meant walking ... absolutely no jogging. She asked me not to do this until it appears my knee had proper support, but she also said that she may show me how to tape my knee depending on what progress is made. So, I guess I can't do anything right now. I'm kind of bummed, but I think I will just make sure I put the needed energy into strengthening my knee.

At the end, they hooked me up for electric stimulation and put an ice pack on my knee for 15 minutes. They even turned the lights down in the room and pulled the door closed. Wow! 15 minutes of silence. It was so nice. I could get used to that!

Heather and I took the kids to story time at Barnes & Noble and walked around some of the shops at Geneva Commons. I showed her my table at Anthropologie. I saw they were hiring for the holidays. Hmmm. If we weren't going to Dallas for Christmas, I would totally do it, but I realize that my chances of being hired for the holidays, sans "holidays availability" are very slim.

We had California Pizza Kitchen for lunch and split the eggplant veggie pizza with goat cheese. Yum!

Tomorrow, Lubbock has his 'day out.' I'm either going to go help Heather or get some more organization around here. I've almost got the whole Goodwill pile documented (write-off ... here I come!). I have some returns at Target and Home Depot I need to do. Why can't I ever remember these when I have to go buy things there? I even have them in a bag hanging on the door! Then, Brandy is going to drop Evan off later in the afternoon so she can go to a real estate class. He's pretty cute and he and Lubbock play so well together. (Brandy's pretty cute, too!)

And, Lauren is coming over to watch her favorite show ... America's Next Top Model. We enjoy eating salad and chocolate cake while watching this. We're so weird!

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Melisa said...

Calet does that too. I'm supposed to keep an eye on her.