Monday, October 6, 2008

Product Recommendation

Go ahead ... think I'm silly! But, I think we should all start sharing products that make our life easier!

Here's mine ... and I plan on sharing others, too. Sprayway glass cleaner. It's available at Target (and lots of other stores), but right now, it's got a pink cap on it. It's awesome. When I worked for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, it was the only thing we used. For a few years, I wasn't able to find it at regular stores, so when I finally found it, I was so happy. It stays where you spray it and wipes off without leaving a streak or film.

What's your favorite product? Cleaning or otherwise.

1 comment:

Melisa said...

You are way too organized. I'm lucky if I get the floors swept, let alone glass cleaned. :)

Having said that, my new love is our Swiffer Sweeper Vac. Love it!