Friday, October 24, 2008

Lubbock's Second Birthday Party Preparations

Ya, I'm a complete birthday party freak. I spotted this really cool craft idea on one of my favorite blogs (Design Mom ... who linked us to Martha Kids). It's perfect for Lubbock's second birthday party favor.

His theme will be something along the lines of Tye-Dyed Two's or Totally Two or Peace (since when you hold two fingers up, it's the peace sign). Don't exactly know. But, it's got my brain super stimulated right now in 'party planning mode.' Yes, his birthday is more than six months away. But, you guys know how I am ... especially Brandy!

I'll have to document his first birthday party on here, now that I'm thinking about it. I think the only thing I was a little disappointed in with his last party is the lack of good favors that are appropriate for a one year old.

Today, Lauren and I went to Ikea to finally buy her loveseat (pulls out for guests), table and chairs, and a three-drawer dresser. She's such a smart shopper ... all that for $350. We were able to load it in the station wagon (I love my car) and it's now parked in my driveway. We haven't carried it up the three flights of stairs to her apartment. My mom watched Lubbock, so I was able to fold down the seat, but now I have no way of going anywhere since I can't put his carseat in the front seat (damn safety laws and airbags).

Tomorrow, Lubbock and I are helping out our local Congressional candidate, Jim Oberweis, by going door-to-door reminding people to vote. I can't believe it's so close! Other than having bagels at 9:30, I'm not really sure what we do. We're good at following directions, though.

I'll let ya'll know how that went and post some pictures of the First Birthday party on here.

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