Thursday, October 23, 2008

Laundry Day and Clutter

I spent a majority of yesterday putting up laundry. Lubbock had his Day Out (he stayed the whole time) and I caught up on laundry. I am pretty good at doing it, just not putting it away. I believe I have figured out the problem, though. We have too many clothes!

Kevin can't pass up a 'good deal' on lounge shorts. Since almost all of the laundry is clean, I was able to count ... 10 pairs of elastic-banded-can't-in-good-conscience-wear-out-in-public-eat-all-I-want-and-they'll-always-fit-until-the-elastic-gives-out shorts. Really? So, I've found his second contribution to clutter. (Tools being the first.)

Don't get me wrong ... I have my own 'collections.' Crafting supplies, dishes (for dinner parties I keep claiming I want to host), magazines, coupons, aprons ... and organizational tools (like boxes). Every clutter-minded person has a collection of failed organizational systems that adds to the clutter. I've gotten so much better in the last year (especially after reading The One-Minute Organizer, by Donna Smallin, and 1000 Best Quick and Easy Organizing Secrets, by Jamie Novak). The first book was a gift from Maureen. A pretty gutsy gift if I do say so (like giving a weight loss book), but I had been talking a lot about being so unorganized, so it wasn't like I didn't need the help. The second book has a great section about dealing with the emotions linked to your clutter.

I've totally digressed, but not really ... both books make a point of saying that if you have too much stuff, you'll never be organized. It's so true. When I have all ten pairs of Kevin's shorts clean, I can't fit them in his designated short drawer. So, they sit in the basket until I need the basket, so I put them in a pile on the bed. Then they sit on the bed until it's night time. Then, they go on a pile on the bench until Kat decides to take a nap on them and they wind up right back in the dirty clothes covered in hair.

So, here's my mission: Have ALL of Kevin's clothes clean by Saturday (I'm almost there, but on Saturday morning, I'll have to do another load of what he dirties today and tomorrow) and have him reduce his clothes until they fit in his drawers and closet. What a battle this will be!

This morning, Heather called to see if we were up for a quick trip to the outlet mall. Of course! I scored with two cotton winter running caps and two pairs of mittens for Lubbock. All that for $15. I'm really excited about the caps because my ears were getting cold a month ago when I stopped jogging, so I'm sure when I get back out there, I'll be freezing. I just need some gloves since the ones I have are dressy ones.

That said, I've been given a partial 'all clear' to begin exercising again. I can walk (not jog) 1.5 miles three times between now and Monday (my next appointment) at which time we'll see how I feel. If okay, she'll show me how to tape my knee and I'll try my 5k distance the next morning. I overall feel better. I can tell a difference in the days that I don't do my stretches. I'm just excited to start trying again. I think realistically that my jogging the whole 5k by the end of the year is not going to happen, but at least I can start walking again.

Well, Lubbock's down and I'm going to see about getting more crap out of the basement. Woo hoo!

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Melisa said...

I need to read those books! I have so much stuff and we are moving into a much smaller house. It won't all fit. YIPES!