Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I'm attempting to 'live blog' right now. The trick-or-treating has commenced and Lubbock is taking his extra late nap again. I don't really mind since the time change is this weekend and once that happens, his naps won't really be all that late.

So far, the 'cereal' killer has been the most creative costume. My way down the street neighbor had her little three month old with her. I just don't remember Lubbock ever being that little. I'm so ready for another.

This morning, Lubbock and I joined Gretchen, Maureen and Brennan (in the picture as Luke Skywalker ... update ... my sister told me that he's not Luke Skywalker ... but since I've never really seen any of the movies ... what do I know?) for brunch at one of my favorite doughnut/breakfast places. Then we went to Geneva Commons to enjoy the warm weather. Originally, we were going to go there for trick-or-treating, but Jen had called and left a message saying that they weren't doing that today. Sugar! (As Maureen said today ... pretty funny stuff.) Gretchen fed Lubbock a little bag of M&Ms before brunch as a way of bribing him to like her (her words, not mine). I think Lubbock likes anyone that smiles at him, so the sugar was just an added bonus. She says Lubbock is a very serious child and reminds her of her daughter, Meredith, when she was younger. He can take a while to warm up to people.

Since then, we've been at home. I was able to find an overhead projector that was just delivered for the weekend. YAY! For free, too. I love all the help I've been able to gather up.

So far, so good ... until ... This group of five kids and three moms came by. The last kid dropped his wrapper on the sidewalk up to my house. When I gave his piece of candy, I asked him to please pick up his wrapper. He said okay. I waited and he acted like he couldn't find it. I walked down and pointed to it. When he got over to his mother, he waited for a second and then dropped it again. This time, I yelled ... "Sir, pick up the wrapper you've dropped for the second time now!" Both he and his mom were stunned, but he picked it up. What is wrong with kids (and parents) now-a-days? She gave me such a dirty look like I'm the one who was wrong! Sigh.

Lubbock's eating and then we're going to head out to go to a few houses.

We're back ... Lubbock's first trick-or-treating adventure was pretty fun. We stopped at the neighbors house (the picture of him on the porch). He just thought that we were going to go in everybody's house. He'd climb up the steps and they'd open the door. He'd try to nudge in. Yup, he pretty much didn't get it at all! Next year. Our last stop was Heather's house. Since we play there at least twice a week, he got really excited and ran in the house. We couldn't keep him out. Eleanor came to the door to tell us about her Halloween adventures and we decided to come back home. Kevin walked the whole way and I didn't want to push him too far since he was not using crutches. Lubbock took a break on the walk back, providing another great picture.

I think the funniest thing about today was that he was totally creeped out by Aunt Lo in her sheriff's costume. He really didn't want anything to do with her and it wasn't even like she was wearing anything completely crazy!

That's it. Almost all the candy was passed out and Lubbock's down for the night.

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