Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Early Halloween, Part One

Lubbock and I went to Brandy's today to celebrate Halloween a bit early with our playgroup. All the kids were so cute and absolutely clueless as to how thrilled we, as moms, are that we can force them to be whatever it is they are this year. They're still too young for an in depth discussion about what they want to be and if it's feasible this year or not.

Brandy made delicious cupcakes and Lubbock actually ate some of his. She also made homemade lasagna, too ... what a good friend. She was up at 6a just to feed our sorry butts! Gift bags with funky glasses and jack-o-lantern balloons topped off the morning. Jen brought her friend, Mandi, to the playgroup and she even volunteered (or I roped her into it) to host one of our get-togethers coming up. She has the cutest little newborn. Well, not so little ... she said he weighed 12 pounds at 4 weeks. She also has a little girl and we definitely need more estrogen in the group. What great additions they will be!

For Lubbock's 'costume' ... He's wearing his Tony Romo jersey and two little bandaids that I colored in with a black Sharpie. I thought he would just smear eyeliner all over his face if I used that.

At the party, we had a peacock, a character from The Incredibles (I haven't seen it, so I can't remember who it is), Yoda, an elephant, and Tony Romo (I think that's Jessica Simpson by his foot). Jen said she got a better picture, so maybe I'll steal her's from her blog later. It's so hard to get a picture of five munchkins where you can see all their faces at the same time.

We played and talked for a while and then sat all the kids down from lunch. Apparently, Evan partied so hard, he couldn't even make it through lunch. I love hanging around Evan because he's such a loving boy. He gives hugs to everyone and I take them where I can get them. Lubbock has no interest in snuggles, so Evan has to fill that void for me. Sometimes, Lubbock sees Evan doing this and gets jealous!

I better get to work around the house so that I can go to my sister's movie night tonight. She's hosting a bunch of the girls from her work for a scary movie. My blood pressure is too high as is, I don't think I'll stay for the movie, but I'll make an appearance at least!

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