Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Letters A, C, and L

Kevin had his surgery today. Despite threatening it, I actually didn't cry today! I felt bad because I was so stressed about the bathroom work (the worker didn't show up ... craziness ensued), that I couldn't be as supportive or empathetic as I would liked to have been.

Worst yet, I discovered that Cleo had her tail amputated (I've kept an eye on her bio on the rescue website). How horrible. I knew her cysts were a bigger deal than "just a bother," as the vet had said.

So, Kevin's surgery started late, but was successful. The doctor gave us pictures showing his missing ACL and his rebuilt ACL. He's got a brace and a circulating ice-water pack. He was in a little pain when he woke up, so they gave him more pain medication ... he fell asleep.

But, again ... a shout out to everyone that helped out today. Especially thank you to Brandy (and Jen and Rachel) who watched him during our playgroup. I missed you guys! I'm sorry he cried for so long. He's been very stressed out lately when I leave. Thank you, too, to my sister for watching him the rest of the day (and watching the tile guy when he finally showed up). And thank you to Heather for your offer of help ... an hour later and you would have had him, too!

Rats, Lubbock woke up again ... more later.

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