Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Overhead of an Overhead

I'm desperate to get started on the mural and need to have the artwork that I'm "basing" it on printed on a transparency. I called Brandy to see if she could use her teacher connection and was informed that teachers no longer use overhead projectors ... thus, no transparency. Am I that old?!?! Do they still use chalkboards?

Anyway, they only sell them in 100 packs ($30)! I put out my SOS on freecycle and once again, someone came through.

I'm still looking for an overhead projector to borrow. The library doesn't let you borrow theirs and the only place I've called so far rents them for $25 a day. I'm really trying to keep costs down on this, but the most expensive part of the mural project may be the rental of the projector!

The bathroom is only a few hours away from completion ... we only have grouting left to be done and the guy says he'll be here at 8a. It's the 'boss guy,' though ... not the flake that disappeared on us. Pictures of the work as it stands right now are posted. The painters tape on the floor tile is further testament of my OCD. I went in after he laid them (after they dried) and marked all the ones that were not up to my incredibly high standards. After sleeping on it for two nights, I will admit I may have over-reacted (but just a little). I'm sure it will look fine when the grout is in. As Kevin put it "they look fine and normal people aren't crazy like you!" Or something like that. How does that man put up with me?

I am glad that I went with the larger wall tile, though. I think if had gone with the 3x6 subway tile, it would have just been very overwhelming. Kevin is starting to freak out because there's so much white in the bathroom. I remind him that we do have a shower curtain to block the view of the wall. It will be fine.

Heather and I went to the Moms Together breakfast and speaker this morning. I started going with Gretchen last year and invited Heather along, too. I know all moms can use a morning to drop your kid off and eat some good food. The speakers are always great, too. Very inspirational. Anyway, Gretchen wasn't there (hope you feel better), but we still had fun. Heather and I are going to try a meal exchange. We cook double and give each other one. Maybe we can talk some of the other moms in the neighborhood to join in. It would save some time. I've also been re-re-inspired to continue my decluttering mission. One day, I will have a house only filled with things that make me smile ... except my mop.

I'm going to go see if Kevin needs anything and watch some of the BYU game. Go Cougs (that's for you, Dad) ... sorry, I forgot to have Lubbock wear his BYU jersey today. Tomorrow is his OSU day and Saturday is Texas Tech (since their game is televised).

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