Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Need to Write

The bathroom is in full swing and while it's been stressful having to babysit the work being done, I think it will be worth it once it's done. I just keep looking forward to Wednesday or Thursday or Friday ... whenever!

Lubbock's down for a nap and I need to get some work done, but just needed to do my cathartic writing. (Side note: I just looked up cathartic on dictionary.com and while I've used it correctly, I had idea what the entire meaning of the word was.)

So, I have nothing exciting to share.

I went to a coffee playgroup this morning and was able to talk to a few moms. Oh, I have to confess that Lubbock dropped my measuring cups in the toilet and I haven't decided if they're okay to use. I've washed them in the dishwasher twice and by hand once. I still look at them and think, "toilet water." The moms at the group said they were fine. I still don't know. It may be worth investing in another set just to make myself feel better. Or, I can keep them and I'll have no interest in eating my own cookies! That's worth thinking about, too.

Then Heather came over to help me finish my $1.74 lasagna ... what a deal! She brought cappuccino ... yum! She was sans children and was able to get a lot of stuff done at her house this morning. Good for her.

Tonight, I have a wine tasting get together with the alumni group for my sorority. It's kind of an odd thing, but I seem to have a good time. They're all much older than I, but we still find lots to talk about.

Well, I feel more focused ... off to work.

catharsis: the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions, esp. through certain kinds of art, as tragedy or music.

(Blogging is art, right?)

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