Friday, October 17, 2008

Why I Hate Home Improvement Projects

Yes, this is a chip in my tub. I'm actually very surprised I didn't cry ... yes, I'm still threatening this.

I dropped Lubbock off at his Day Out (crying again ... him, not me) and came home to get some stuff accomplished. I finished documenting 4 boxes of Goodwill stuff ... ya, me. I loaded it up in the car and went back to tell the guy I'd be back in about 20 minutes.

I picked up Lubbock, dropped off Goodwill, and then decided Taco Bell was in order. So, I was 30 minutes. Got home, nobody there. Kevin didn't know when they left. I looked in the bathroom and the floors were done being grouted, so I didn't want to walk on them. I saw the chip, but thought ... maybe it's just a piece of debris.

I waited two hours, nobody called to say when it would be okay to walk on the floors or if I needed to mop up after them (since the contract says I have to do cleanup ... is that included?). So, this is where I have to turn things over to Kevin. I bravely walk on the floor and discover, yes, it's a large quarter-sized chip. He finally reached the customer service rep who said someone would be out tomorrow to look at it.

I can't believe the guy just left in the middle of the job ... actually, yes I can. Of course, I allotted extra time for the job, but since it was only supposed to be 1 1/2 days, I figured allowing for 2 days was plenty. Apparently, I should have allowed for 4 days. (Maybe.) I just feel like I've been placed in a cab and told the guy to take me down the block and he drove the other way. I don't know why that seems like an appropriate analogy, but it does right now.

I can say that I think once everything is fixed (yes, more is wrong that I'm not being OCD about ... Kevin agrees it needs to be fixed), I think it will look great. I'm just kind of tired of this week. I want Kevin to be better, I want to take a shower in my own house (not that I don't like showering at your place, Heather), I want to take a crap at my own house (not that I don't like crapping at your house, Leslie), and I want to brush my teeth in the bathroom (not that brushing them in the kitchen is all that bad).

I'm done ranting.

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Jen said...

Who's your contractor? I'd just like to know so I can make sure to NEVER use him.