Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Orange Chili Surprise

Do you have a favorite time of the day?

I've long had a fascination with the time of day the mail arrives. Even if it's junk mail, bills, or a shrinking investment statement. Somehow, it's just fun. It's probably because you don't know what is going to be there. A little like opening a present each day.

But, then there's the days that you actually do get something you want! A great note from a friend far away.

I'm still smiling.

In addition to the great card, my dear friend included two little glass chili magnets (that are now on my cookie sheet/message boards in my desk area) and a magnetic recipe card holder with a yummy sounding meat loaf recipe already loaded! It's especially great that the card holder is magnetic because I have metal cabinets and am always searching for cool magnetic kitchen gadgets.

Here's a picture of where it will be when I make the meat loaf.

And to send a smile back to Melisa ... the picture includes one of my messy corners! Yes, that's a dead battery, slightly rotten bananas, a grocery bag filled with clean dishtowels (I didn't have a basket that was empty), the groceries that were at one time in that bag, a pair of Lubbock's underwear (it was washed with the dishtowels, so it is clean), and a few other things that don't belong in this corner of the kitchen.

But ... this isn't the only surprise this week! My thrifty friend, Kris, found a purse that had my name written all over it. She didn't say it, but I think she did a star dance when she found it for me. An orange, patent leather shoulder bag! I'm in love with it.

I truly believe I have the best friends on earth.

So ... since you've read this post ... you have a challenge. Send a kind note to a friend the old fashioned way ... through the real mail! Stamps have gone up, if you haven't heard ... forty-four cents. But, it'll be worth it.

As for me ... I am finally going to complete the thank you notes from Lubbock's birthday party and then get straight to work on sending out a kind note to a few of my special friends!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The County Fair

We took Lubbock to the Kane County Fair over the weekend and all had a blast. I think, for Kevin, it was one of the first times he got to do things that were fun for him and Lubbock. I could truly see the joy in their faces. Not that this picture captures joy, but still a pretty funny face!

We got to the fair just as Lubbock took his nap, so we were able to just wander around and take our time looking at all the 4H displays and awards given to vegetables and flowers. You know ... all the things that would have bored Lubbock to tears.

Once he woke up, we took him to the petting zoo where he got to feed all sorts of animals and chase a chicken. He rode a pony and took a tractor-inspired tricycle for a spin.

The ferris wheel was a great time and I was only slightly nervous about Lubbock not being securely fastened while we were that high. We took a spinning pumpkin ride (as pictured above) and then finished it off with a funnel cake (he wasn't a fan) and a cherry limeade ... which he loved.

Lubbock loved the whole adventure and said "yay!" several times. Kevin couldn't keep a smile off his face. I enjoyed watching the two of them bond and kept thinking about how special the relationship is between these two. Kevin was happy just because Lubbock was happy. Ah! Bliss.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Great Road Trip of 2009


Here it is ... my first posting since arriving home from The Great Road Trip of 2009.

For the first leg, Lubbock and I spent three and a half days in St. Paul, Minnesota ... we went to spend time with the Irwin family. They were up from Oklahoma so that one of their girls could have surgery. While Dad was working, Mom was at the hospital and I (attempted) to be a mom to the other kiddos. The whole family was so brave!

And I'm giving a major shout-out to all my mommy friends of more than one child. I was exhausted after the first day!

So drove back home on Wednesday and then on Thursday ... set off for Texas!

We tag-teamed the drive and made it straight through with no problem. Lubbock was a trooper and with the help of a borrowed travel DVD player, we had no major breakdowns.

The highlights of the lakehouse visit included a golfcart parade (our entry shown), sparklers, a ride on the boat, a swim in the lake (not for me, though ... no, thanks!), lots of great food, lots of fun with family, and a cute kitten.

We drove back to Illinois and spent the next two days recovering from vacation. I know. It doesn't sound like much. But, we hit all the important things for vacation.

I spent time with Kevin, Kevin spent time with Lubbock, and we all spent time together!

For the last 'home' part of Kevin's vacation, we worked hard on decluttering the basement some more. We got rid of another car load of crap. And I posted some more things on freecycle yesterday. My next area of focus really needs to be my crafting area.

Since most of my friends also seemed to be on vacation at the same time ... what were your highlights???