Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Great Road Trip of 2009


Here it is ... my first posting since arriving home from The Great Road Trip of 2009.

For the first leg, Lubbock and I spent three and a half days in St. Paul, Minnesota ... we went to spend time with the Irwin family. They were up from Oklahoma so that one of their girls could have surgery. While Dad was working, Mom was at the hospital and I (attempted) to be a mom to the other kiddos. The whole family was so brave!

And I'm giving a major shout-out to all my mommy friends of more than one child. I was exhausted after the first day!

So drove back home on Wednesday and then on Thursday ... set off for Texas!

We tag-teamed the drive and made it straight through with no problem. Lubbock was a trooper and with the help of a borrowed travel DVD player, we had no major breakdowns.

The highlights of the lakehouse visit included a golfcart parade (our entry shown), sparklers, a ride on the boat, a swim in the lake (not for me, though ... no, thanks!), lots of great food, lots of fun with family, and a cute kitten.

We drove back to Illinois and spent the next two days recovering from vacation. I know. It doesn't sound like much. But, we hit all the important things for vacation.

I spent time with Kevin, Kevin spent time with Lubbock, and we all spent time together!

For the last 'home' part of Kevin's vacation, we worked hard on decluttering the basement some more. We got rid of another car load of crap. And I posted some more things on freecycle yesterday. My next area of focus really needs to be my crafting area.

Since most of my friends also seemed to be on vacation at the same time ... what were your highlights???

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Melisa said...

Well, the thing with having more than one kid is that as they grow you have time to adjust. Just jumping into multiple older children would be exhausting!