Monday, October 20, 2008

Not a Bad Start

I don't know if it was a good night's sleep or just having my bathroom back, but I felt completely energized this morning. Lubbock and I had breakfast and then bathed and showered (ahhh!). We went downstairs and put together a shelf system I bought yesterday for his toys.

What a difference that made downstairs. Most of the little toys are off the floor now. I'm still considering the layout of the furniture. I was able to shift my table enough to use a baby gate. This enables me to leave Lubbock on his side of the room without fear that he'll get into anything dangerous. (Only long enough to switch a load of laundry or something along those lines.)

I was able to get my side of the room pretty much organized. I can't decide what to do with all my boxes of pictures. At first I was going to move them into the guest room, but then I realized that I should try to not use this room as a 'catch-all' since I'm trying to prove to myself that this house is big enough for another baby. If we are blessed with another, the guest room will be our nursery. I'm not sure where guests will stay, though. I guess that's what a couch is for, right?

I had to cancel my physical therapy today because Kevin took his car keys to work today and he was parked behind me. No, we don't have a spare key to his car. This has been on the list of things to do for two years now. I don't know why some things linger on 'the list' for so long.

Other things that have lingered on my to do list for that long:

- touch up living room paint where the black mark is
- touch up paint on bedroom door frame
- scrape adhesive off computer hutch
- fix gas gauge on my car (I constantly have 3/4 tank of gas)

Maybe I'm being hard on myself. That's not so bad. Hopefully, tomorrow will be as productive.

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