Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Dream and the Pea

I can only get so far right now because we're leaving for Jen's ... but this video is cracking me up. When I get home, I'll write about my completely weird dream I had last night.

Click here and be amused ...
The Pea Pea Dance

Okay ... we're back. Lubbock fell asleep in the car, so I'm hoping I transferred him to his bed quietly enough to finish the nap.

My dream. Oh, it was so weird. I hope I'm not the only one who's dreams do this, but I can have a dream where I'm talking to one person and mid sentence, the person changes, but it seems totally normal in my dream. Or locations change for no particular reason.

Anyway, I'm driving to meet Kevin for lunch. Just me. We meet and then we see a water spout (like the one they showed on the news in Florida), so we hop in his car and leave, but as we drive under it, it turns into a tornado and I get to look directly into it through the eye (a la Twister ... awesome movie!). Then we're driving on 88 west (toward home) and I start to see fireballs shooting over us and blowing up buildings and cars on the freeway. My sister is now in the car and she asked where Lubbock was. I tell her she's at home. She asked why I didn't take him out for lunch and I told her he was asleep and I didn't want to bother him. (Seems totally logical in my dream.) Then, we see a space shuttle approaching and we determine that the fire balls are probably debris from the shuttle and notice a panel missing on the side. It's trying to land on 88, but on the other side of the highway. I decide now is a good time to call Jen and tell her we may be late for the play group tomorrow because 88 is backed up. (I don't drive on 88 to get to her house.) The space shuttle rotates as it is trying to land ... so that it lands upside down ... again, I don't know why. Then my dad is in the car. I tell him that when the shuttle lands, he has to help the astronauts (my dad is a nurse, so he'll know what to do with upside down landing astronauts). But, then I have to pee, so we pull over ... and I wake up.

That's why I think I'm finding the pea-pea dance so funny today. But, thank goodness I did wake up! The whole dream seemed so real. And weird. If you're a dream analyzer, please don't interpret this ... or at least don't tell me what it means. I'm sure it has to do with me being crazy.

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Melisa said...

Yeah. You are crazy. ;) Totally kidding. I've had some bizarre ones myself!