Thursday, October 9, 2008

Out, Out Damn Lime

Being on well water is as bad as it gets, I've decided. I'm trying to clean the lime out of my sprayer on my kitchen sink and I keep scrubbing and trying all sorts of products and nothing is working.

Well, maybe there's other things worse. Like dropping off your son at "Lubbock's Day Out" and them calling you to come back and get him 45 minutes later because he hasn't stopped crying. That was pretty bad. When we got to the room, he hugged my leg and I had to take him to a toy and sneak out. On my way out, I ran into Heather. I helped her get her kiddos to the room and Lubbock spied me. He ran to the gate and started crying. I heard him crying the whole way out of the building. Heather and I went for coffee and that's where I was when they called.

So, I picked him up and ran the errands I wanted to do sans child anyway. It wasn't that bad ... it just took longer than I wanted it to. I was supposed to call my friend Kara yesterday (which I just now thought about) so we could have a little catch-up conversation. Crud! I should at least call her and schedule another time. She's got three kids and they're always doing something, so we rarely have the chance to talk without one of us having a kid in the background!

And, I was able to finish documenting all the Goodwill donations. I've made a new resolution, too. From now on, as I buy a box of diapers, I'm going to fill it with donations. This may seem radical to some, but we moved from such a big house into this tiny thing, so I need to keep sorting as a top priority. For example, Kevin has a tool area in the basement. He's so un-handy, so it kind of cracks me up! I bought numbers to nail onto the mailbox post yesterday and when I looked through everything for nails, I realized he has a whole drawer of screws (and this drawer is BIG ... 8x12x4, at least!). He doesn't need that many screws ... and there were no nails! So, the numbers still haven't been hung and I can fill a whole diaper box with screws. I'm not sure Goodwill has a need for screws, but they're getting them!

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