Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Fun Outside

Lubbock and I went to Heather's this morning to play with Joey and Eleanor while she got her garage sale stuff together. I'm pretty sure it was more of a selfish motivation that led me there. My house was so clean yesterday and Lubbock was determined to mess it up a little this morning. So, I figured it was better for me to take him out of the house so he couldn't completely destroy it!

Here's a picture of what he did with his box of diapers. This is the hallway right outside his nursery. In his defense ... when we got home, I was making his lunch and I noticed that he kept picking up a diaper and going into his room. I figured he was just making a different mess in there. I was so happy to see he had put the diapers back in the box! (Well, he put one in his laundry basket. But still ... pretty good!)

After his nap, I decided to take him outside to look for letters. I've started a second 'blog.' It's more of a place to post pictures of letters I find. They can't be actual letters, just things shaped like letters. I want to find the whole alphabet. Check it out ... today, I found Q, O, and Z. I found Y pretty easily the other day. I got the idea from that grocery list guy's website. He did the same thing ... sort of ... he used spray painted letters. We'll see how long this takes.

Anyway, I took pictures of Lubbock, too. The look on his face here is pretty common. He looks like I'm annoying him. I guess I should get used to that look since I'm sure as he gets older, I'll get more annoying!

I took a set of pictures of him running (they didn't turn out well ... too blurry), but after I quit taking the pictures, a bunny ran out of the bush about 6 inches from Lubbock! He didn't even notice the bunny, but it freaked me out. I went back to see if the little guy was in the shots, but I couldn't tell since they were blurry.

Then Aunt Lauren came over and I was able to get a little work on the office area done. Every time I get it organized, I think ... that's it! ... it will never get bad again. I must be fooling myself because it never takes that long. Maybe it's functioning as too many areas ... it is the office, guest room, Goodwill landing spot, and place to shove things when guests are coming. I think the big problem is it's the room closest to the front door. I've got to get this room under control. New Year's Resolution, perhaps?


Melisa said...

My house has been officially declared a disaster area. Just in time to try and get it listed. Sigh.

Melisa said...

You letters blog looks fun! I think you need a creative mind to do that.