Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Vegetarian at Thanksgiving

Many of you know that I have spent most of my adult years as a vegetarian. It's not necessarily for any stance on animal rights or anything ... I just never really liked the taste of most meats. Kevin can cook a great steak, but I only like filet mignon, so it's rare that I allow that much of the grocery budget to go for one steak. I'll occasionally eat lean ground beef, pork chops, and chicken breasts. After reading the first few sections of Skinny Bitch, I dabbled in being a vegan ... that didn't last too long!

By the way, this is NOT a book I recommend. It messed with my head something awful! Imagine The Jungle times five. Ugh!

Back to today's topic. Since we aren't having any parents up for Thanksgiving, it will be Kevin, Lubbock, my sister, and I. Lubbock doesn't like turkey yet, I only eat about two ounces once a year, and my sister is a die-hard vegetarian (eeking closer to being a vegan everyday). So, I've got the dilemma of trying to figure out what to cook. What's the point of cooking an entire turkey for one person? I can't make the stuffing that Kevin likes because he likes chicken stock in it. He isn't a fan of mashed potatoes unless they have milk in them. He prefers his green beans with bacon. I'm kind of at a loss.

Today's big challenge is to put together a Thanksgiving feast that will please the meatatarian, vegetarian, and meat agnostic in all of us. Suggestions are appreciated!

On another subject ... I found a photo essay on some other blog (I can't remember, but if I do ... I'll share) where she took pictures from her perspective on what her day is all about ... here was my morning ...

Lubbock loves playing his xylophone and he really loves it if I put it on my lap and play along with him. Yup, that's my leg in the picture ... cute pink pajama bottoms and all!

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Melisa said...

I'm not, nor could I ever be vegetarian or vegan. Totally not my thing. And I don't think every one around them is required to adopt their lifestyle. So, if it were me in the situation, I might buy a turkey breast (not an entire turkey) for Kevin and Lubbock. Have stuffing Kevin likes, he shouldn't have to live someone else's lifestyle. If she wants stuffing, make a special one for her too. I guess, it would be more work for you having 2 kinds of everything. But, that is what I would do. I don't know her as well as you do, but most people who make these lifestyle changes don't expect everyone else to do it with them, so it shouldn't bother her if people around her eat stuffing with chicken stock. Sorry. That is probably more than you asked for. :) I'm nothing if not opinionated...