Friday, November 7, 2008

Kevin's Day Off and a Bet

Kevin took yesterday off and we just lazied around. I didn't take a shower until the afternoon (okay ... I admit it, it was almost 5p)! But, we mostly just spent time as a family hanging out.

We have determined what the bet is for the Oklahoma State v. Texas Tech game. Since Kevin has his knee, we couldn't make it something like cleaning the cars out and we decided to stay away from money bets (although I can think of a few things I would like).

It's the old standby of breakfast in bed. Kevin wants biscuits and gravy with bacon. I told him I want coffee.

After such a lazy day, I think this will be a lazy entry.


Melisa said...

Breakfast in bed sounds really yummy about now...

Jen said...

Just coffee? You're letting him off too easy! At least ask for cereal, too!!