Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Second Half of What Turned Out to Be a Great Day

Since Kevin was nervous about walking very far, we decided to take the train from Geneva to Chicago and then just take a cab to the bar ... Schubas. We arrived at the bar about an hour before the opening act started. The room is about the size of a double-wide (since this is a rock-a-billy band ... I find that to be the most fitting description). There was a bench along one side of the room and a few tables set up on the other side. Kevin grabbed a table so that he could keep his leg protected.

The opening band was the John Evans Band ... three guys. Drums, string bass, and lead singer/guitar. I like that there were fewer instruments because it really let the music and lyrics come through. Their songs were written pretty well and told very simple stories. He's obviously in love with his girlfriend (of wife?) and his baby daughter. The have a new CD that just released, Lucky 13. I think you'd like it if you like Cherry Poppin' Daddies ... just imagine a country rock version of them. I bought the new CD, but you can hear some of it on the website I linked you to above. I didn't take pictures during their performance because there were only about 30 people when they started and didn't want to get 'called out' for having my flash going crazy!

The first picture I did take is of the room from the very back. It seems to make the room look really long, but believe me ... it was not very long. There were only 5 tables along the one side.

The second picture is what my view was for most of the night. I can't really complain. If I wanted to, I could have stood up. For a few songs, I did. Mostly, I was just happy to hear them live. The guitar player you can see was really nice ... we talked for a while after the concert.

There's a picture of Hayes Carll, but with the lighting being so dark, it's not that great of a picture.

Their part of the concert was awesome! They played most of the songs I wanted to hear. I really like it when the songs aren't exactly like they are on the CD. I almost feel slighted when that happens because I feel like I could sit at home and hear that ... I want to hear some new stuff ... even if it's the old stuff. He told great stories in between songs and even took a few requests. We each bought a shirt. Are we dorks? Don't answer that!

After the encore, they basically just walked out of the bar and anyone that wanted to talk to them went out there. Okay ... so, what happens when a stay-at-home mom gets out and 'parties it up?' Apparently, I start talking to the band about my blog! I first spoke with the string bass guy from the John Evans Band. I promised to post the picture on the blog for all my other mommy friends to see. He was either amused by me or just used to slightly inebriated people accosting him. Then, Kevin and I spoke to the banjo player from the Hayes Carll band for a while and asked to take a picture with the whole band. But, only he and Hayes (since we're on a first name basis now) were still out there. So ... here it is ...

From left, that's the banjo player (I'm sure he has a name), Kevin, me, and Hayes.

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Melisa said...

Fun times! I love the pictures. You look so happy! :) I think that is the first picture I have seen of Kevin. You should post more pictures of the 2 of you together!