Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Family #25

I have the best friends ever! You guys are beautiful and smart, funny and caring. You love your families. You love your friends. You love your friends' families. You always do what you can to help when called upon.

Have I buttered you up enough?


We adopted a family from TriCity Family Services. Our family is a mother and 8 year-old daughter. This is the same local charity we held the fundraiser for at Lubbock's birthday party. I think the number one thing I heart about TCFS is that they are devoted to helping my community. I know that any donations I give are being put to use here, in my surrounding neighborhoods.

I've already rounded up several kind-hearted ladies from the Tri City Tots group. And I thought it would be worth a shot to see if any of my blog-o-sphere readers were feeling extra generous this season.

If so, either email me or leave a comment, and I'll let you know what's still on the wish list. They haven't asked for anything extravagant ... mostly clothes and household items for the mom and games, dolls, and clothes for the daughter. If you don't feel like shopping (in which case ... remind me why we're friends?), you could supply a gift card and I'm sure I can find time in my schedule to get some shopping done!

If you're a local friend, I'm hosting a drop-off open house on December 14th from 1p-3p. They'd like all donations to be wrapped. I'll supply everything you need to wrap your donation ... wrapping paper, scissors, tape, cheese, crackers, and wine!

You guys are the best!

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