Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Lunch on My Doorstep

We have our pumpkins on our steps leading up to the house and since putting them there, the squirrels in our neighborhood have been well fed. It's been fun waking up to see how much they ate. Today, I decided to take some pictures and when I came back in, I actually saw one perched on the pumpkin eating his little heart out. (So Texan.)

Anyway, here's some pictures of pumpkins. And, I don't think Lubbock has any sense at all. He walked outside in the 30 degree temperature ... no pants. Maybe I should have put pants on him, but I didn't think he'd walk outside! And of course, being the horrible mom I am ... I take a picture rather than immediately taking him back inside.

We hosted the play date today and served a baked potato bar. It was a nice way to warm up on such a cold day. We had broccoli and cheese, butter, sour cream, and cheese. I was going to serve bacon, but the slices in the fridge were really old. I thought they were from Kevin's sandwich a few days ago ... guess not ... yuck. And I was going to cut up some green onions, but I just now remembered that ... sorry guys! It was going to be the premiere grand opening of the basement play room, but since I'm not done, I decided to consider this the sneak preview instead.

I know I forgot to post pictures of the centerpiece I made with fall veggies, but they rotted a while ago and I threw them into my neighbor's composter. So, I decided to replace my centerpiece with scented pine cones. Every time I walk into Jewel-Osco (in Texas ... that's Albertson's), they are right in the entrance and it smells so good. I couldn't resist. And they're pretty. I love the dish they're in, too. It's a yard sale find by my mother. It's white enamel cast iron and fits in perf-ectly with my kitchen.

I know I'm jumping subjects with little to no transition, but ... Lubbock did some cute things yesterday and today. Yesterday, he was being a holy terror and making messes quicker than I could clean them. At one point, he went to his room, pulled the container where I keep his diapers down and then pulled a bag of diapers out. He proceeded to fill the container with diapers! He's so smart. Then, this morning ... he was being a holy terror (are you seeing a pattern) and wouldn't stop screaming. This went on for over an hour before I decided ... Tylenol. He calmed down after a while and by then, I was sitting on the couch, rubbing my face. I see Lubbock go into his room and he comes back out a few seconds later with his little bottle of Tylenol and hands it to me. Sigh. Yes, Lubbock ... you're right ... I could use that, too.

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