Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm Grounded

I never get on Facebook unless I receive some sort of email prompting me to accept an invitation or reply to a message. I just haven't gotten the hang of it. But, this morning, I accepted a friend invitation and saw the Melisa had posted that she was grounding herself from the computer until she had picked up the study. What a fabulous idea!

I grounded myself until I put together 5 boxes for Goodwill. Here they are ...

So, I'm not grounded anymore. But, I don't really have anything exciting to write about, anyway.

1 comment:

Melisa said...

You are so good. I didn't get the study done, but I did get a heckuva lot done. Apparently I'm a really bad disciplinarian even with myself.

It was fun seeing you on Facebook. Come back sometime. :)