Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a sad day

yesterday was pretty exciting ... for a while. so many people showed up who hadn't voted before. you only hope people are voting for the 'right' reason. i don't mean necessarily that they agree with me on the issues ... only that they know where their candidate stands. i think people just like the looks of things sometimes and that's all they pay attention to.

in about six months, i promise to re-evaluate my position and ponder these thoughts ... where is the change? what has changed? is the change beneficial to me and my family? is the change beneficial to the country? is the change what he promised? is the change little more than what's in the piggy bank? (picture included for emphasis)

so many people wanted to know how to only vote for president and skip all the 'local crap.' wow. it just shows you don't know a thing about how the system works when you don't care about your local representative.

that's all i can say right now.

i'm so sick. literally. my throat is killing me, my head and sinuses are all congested. i guess i'm also emotionally sick over all of this, but the physical is easier to explain. i don't even know if i'm going to the concert tonight. as soon as i take a shower (why is this such a difficult task sometimes?), i'm going to go to urgent care and see if they can cure me. again, physically.

A few other notes, not needing to be un-capitalized. Thank you so much Gretchen, Meredith, and Jim! I hear Lubbock was on his best behavior. Whew! What a relief. From the message I got from Gretchen, Lubbock enjoyed playing peek-a-boo, going for a car ride, a walk, playing at the park, and just enjoying hanging out with you guys for the day. I'm glad there was no endless crying. Kevin even said Meredith wanted Lubbock to come over again today! I can arrange that ... everyday, you can pick up Meredith from school, come get Lubbock, Kevin can pick him up on his way home from work. Yup, that would work for me!

I did have some fun yesterday at the polling place. There were 12 volunteers. 3 high school students, 4 slightly older mothers (I'd say mid 40s), 4 senior citizens, and me. Two of the 'slightly older mothers' were mothers of the high school students that were helping. According to the high school students, I was the coolest person there. Maybe they didn't actually say it, but they were hanging around me all day. So, on the "cool scale" ... I've determined that high school students rank me above their mom and the random senior citizen. I haven't felt this cool since...

I also found my 'A' yesterday. The polling sign stand. I borrowed one the kid's cameras and asked that they e-mail the picture to me. We'll see. If not, I can always take a picture of the 'A' down the street. It's just in someone's back yard and I don't really feel like explaining my mission to find the alphabet and how my 'A' is in your yard. People around here already think I'm the crazy lady.

With that said ... I need a shower.


Jen said...

I'll just say one thing about politics and then I'll be done - give Obama a bit more than 6 months before you re-evaluate. He said himself it's going to take time to straighten out this mess we're in economically.

Melisa said...

Hope you feel better soon!