Monday, November 3, 2008

Skippin' Out

As I prepare Lubbock for his day of fun at Gretchen's and get myself ready so all I have to do is roll out of bed, drink a pot of coffee, and go ... I've realized that I likely won't be able to check into the 'blog-o-sphere' as Melisa calls it.

So, I'm writing my own excuse for my absence ...

Dear Faithful Readers,

Please excuse Nata-Leigh from her duties as the sole author on 'A Texas in Illinois' as she is out earning a measly $145 for about 16 hours of work. She's not complaining ... after all, she thought it was truly volunteering (as in 'for free') when she signed up. It's just that she would rather give 8 hours for free than be away from her other obligations for an entire day. She has a son she enjoys seeing in the morning and a husband she enjoys seeing in the evening. Oh, and friends she likes seeing throughout the day ... they keep her sane.

Thank you,
Nata-Leigh the Republican

1 comment:

Melisa said...

Go McCain!

Okay, just think of it as 8 hr of volunteering for free and 8 more hours for $145!;)

Come back soon!