Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Quick Visit

Aunt Moshmee was in town! Lubbock took a while to remember her, but once he did ... they had tons of fun. She pushed him around in a laundry basket and was able to see him try asparagus and clementines.

We had deep dish pizza and finally went to the Irish restaurant that she's wanted to try since we moved here. My sister was able to join us (she even missed Hereos ... thank you Tivo!) for a while. It's a definite sign that we've grown up ... my little sister and my best friend able to hang out and have things to talk about.

I was able to cook a few meals, though. I like that Moshmee and my sister are vegetarians because it gives me an excuse to make some super healthy dishes. I made my world famous roasted red bell pepper and asparagus pasta dish. And veggie breakfast burritos (which Heather joined us for). A big salad for lunch ... and yet still I feel like I've gained weight.

She went with Lubbock and me as we ran errands at all the stores that makes our area so unique ... Target, Kohls, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We did shop local by going to Four Beans for an afternoon pick-me-up of coffee for me and spiced apple cider for Moshmee ... it was really good and really sweet. I think they used honey, though, not sugar. But, mostly, we had fun hanging out with Lubbock and letting him entertain us.

Before Moshmee arrived, Kevin taught Lubbock how to do the chicken dance. Well, kind off. He makes wings and flaps them. The bottom half of his body doesn't participate. I've really got to figure out how to use our video camera so I can post a video. Maybe that can be my weekend goal. Sigh. Technology.

A final picture ... a reminder that I shouldn't leave Lubbock alone for even a second ... he pulled my necklaces out of my drawer and busted my fake pearls all over the place. Yup, those are the little beads all over the floor. Thankfully, he didn't get to any of the real jewelry and it was a good reminder that I should move everything out of that drawer and out of reach. Sigh. Boys.

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