Monday, November 10, 2008

For Once, a Productive Weekend

As a self-professed clutter-bug, I have discovered that flat, horizontal surfaces are my enemy. They just beg for something to be placed there. It could be the mail that I walk in with, my keys that then soon disappear, or whatever happens to be in my hands when I have to run to Lubbock's aid. That said, we have a hall tree. It's about 40 inches wide, 5 feet tall. Has a bench at the bottom and hooks on the top. I have argued for it's 'essentialness' in our household for years based on the fact that we have no other place for coats. Yes, I have a very large piece of furniture whose sole redeeming quality is five hooks!

This weekend, Kevin and I decided to convert the bottom half of our hall cabinet into a coat closet. Problem solved! Kevin wins by getting rid of the piece of furniture that he hates and I win by having someplace to hang coats. Really, I also win because it's one less thing to clean! I promptly posted said hall tree on freecycle and it's out of the house.

Other projects completed this weekend include hanging the super cool magnetic snowboard in Lubbock's room. The link is to the girl's version as the boy's is no longer available. His is blue. We showed him that the magnets stick to it and he was happy playing in his room for about three minutes.

We re-arranged the living room furniture so that we can put up a Christmas tree.

We pulled all the Christmas stuff up from the basement.

We brought up two boxes of random crap and found a real place for it in our house. That's where I constantly fail in organizing ... not finding a home for everything.

The only other thing I can say about this weekend is that Saturday night was wonderful fun for Kevin and Lubbock. Their team won. By a lot. Around the end of the first half, Kevin proclaimed that he changed his mind about what he wanted for breakfast. He decided that he wanted my world famous cinnamon biscuits. I'll try to remember to post the 'recipe' later. He added caramel syrup and that was that.

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Melisa said...

I have that exact problem. So much stuff, and I never know where to put any of it...