Wednesday, November 12, 2008

By Popular Demand

No music. You're welcome, Melisa and Dad.

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Melisa said...

You goof! You didn't have to take it off! At least not for my sake. I just wish blogs wouldn't auto play music. When I'm checking private blogs at night, I usually have 2 open at once so I can get through the ones that don't have new posts quickly and then the music plays over each other and it drives me insane, not to mention it interrupts me listening to the TV or whatever. It isn't such a problem in public blogs because I usually read it in Google Reader and then only dash over to click on the comment link and the music hardly gets a chance to play. So, technically I wasn't even including you in my questioning. I suppose I could just turn off my sound while checking private blogs.

Having said all of that, I think it is so sweet of you to take it off for me. You really don't have to though. Of course, I'm not speaking for your dad. ;) And here is a note for your dad:

GO COUGS!!! :)

I love that your dad is a Y fan. :)