Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Sisters and the Wonderful Husband

Today was my monthly visit with the alumni association for my sorority. If you haven't read before, I decided to go to this in hopes of becoming more active within my community. When I was in college, it was joining a sorority that helped me find opportunities to serve. That's not really happening, but I do get to hear lots of good stories. Tonight, we made gifts in a jar (barley and wild rice soup). Not for those less fortunate, but for ourselves!

I'm trying to change this. Next month, I'm hosting the meeting and have encouraged everyone to bring a Christmas gift for my favorite local charity. I hope it works.

It's almost 10p now and it occurs to me that I have a pretty wonderful husband. I know he's wonderful (it didn't just occur to me for the first time) and I think about that a lot, but tonight he's especially great! He put away all the laundry that I've not been able to get to. Granted, I told him if he was bored that it would be nice, but he did it! I tell him often that I appreciate him and I feel that this is a completely separate feeling than loving him. I attempt not to take my life for granted. I am able to stay at home and watch my son figure out how to do everything. And get to teach him everything. I am the one instilling values and morals in him. I am able to do this because of Kevin. What a wonderful gift that is to both me and Lubbock. I know he doesn't read this too often, but I do appreciate you and I do love you.


Melisa said...

Awwww, way to go Kevin! What a gem! Lucky gal. I know guys who never lift a finger. I seriously don't know how those wives put up with it...

Jen said...

The gift of staying at home with our little ones is the most precious gift! You've inspired me to remind RJ how wonderful he is!