Monday, November 17, 2008

A Really Long Post

Wow, I haven't posted in so long, I don't know where to begin!

First, Thursday morning was fun ... we took the kids for pajama breakfast to celebrate Heather's birthday. I think by the end, Eleanor thought it was her birthday! As a testament to Heather's friendship capacity, she even came by afterward to help sweep and mop my kitchen before Kevin's parents got here. What a woman! What a friend! (By the way, she agrees that my current mop rocks. I will post my product recommendation soon.)

Lubbock and I dropped off the boxes for Goodwill and went to O'Hare to pick up the grandparents. Lubbock fell asleep on the way there and when he woke up, they were in the car. He was a little confused, so this meant about 20 minutes of crying. He got over it.

The weekend mostly consisted of Lubbock entertaining Buddy and Mary with his 'tricks.' He saw Mary blow drying her hair with her head upside down, so he bent over imitating her. She loved that. He showed them his sign language signs that he knows by telling us when he needed a diaper changed, when he was thirsty, and when he was done eating. They agree that he's the smartest kid ever. He and Kevin were spoiled with new clothes and I got exactly what I wanted ... time. There's no greater gift as far as I'm concerned. Mary worked really hard with me on the mural and it's almost done! I can't wait to spend some time this afternoon on it again. I don't want to post pictures until it's done ... so keep posted. (Which reminds me that I haven't posted pictures of the bathroom yet ... so I'll try to get that done today.) Second on my list of things I wanted was food. Mary made home made corn dogs (some made with the veggie dogs ... YUM!), corn fritters, fried pickles, and cheese and onion enchiladas with beans and rice. All delicious food and all made with love. She's such a great cook.

Sunday morning, I pulled out the Thanksgiving tablecloth. I don't remember if I thought of this idea on my own, or read it in Family Fun (GREAT magazine) ... but either way ... it's a great idea. Every year, I'm having Lubbock put a hand print on a cotton tablecloth. Last year, I used a polyester one and when I labeled it, the ink spread horribly and you couldn't tell what I wrote. So, I bought a cotton one and re-did the '07 hand print ... admittedly, the hand print is from February '08, not November '07. As our family grows, the next child will be able to add their hand prints. Each year, I use a different color so that as the years go by, it will be really colorful. The other bonus to this is that I don't really need to decorate the table since the tablecloth provides so much decoration on it's own and is a definite conversation piece. "Oh, look at how small his hand was last year!"

We then went to JoAnns to pick out fabric for our matching Christmas pajama bottoms. Yes, we're that family. My friend, Beth, at Sew Personalized makes just about anything you can think of. She's great. I won't ruin the excitement of the Christmas morning pictures by showing the fabric now, but it's super cute. I have to go find matching t-shirts today so we can have them embroidered.

We dropped them off at the airport and came home for a relaxing evening at home. Well, Kevin wasn't that relaxed because the Dallas Cowboys looked horrible. At least his Red Raiders are doing well. There's a big game on Saturday, so he's already planning the whole day. What he wants to wear on Friday, Saturday, what Lubbock will wear. Men!

By the way ... can you believe we have snow? YAH!

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Melisa said...

Busy girl! Love the table cloth idea!