Monday, November 3, 2008

One More Day

Although I don't always agree with all of my friends' political views (*throat clearing noise* ... Jen and Brandy) ... I will encourage all of my friends to get out and vote if you haven't already. I think it's an important process. Somebody once told me that if you vote, you at least have the right to complain later! So true.

I have such a busy week ahead of me and am just extremely happy to have such a great support system in place here ... even though most of our family are far away. Tomorrow, I am working the polls. This weekend, I was notified that I'm working in a different district. My one question was when I would vote. Such shock in the gentleman's voice that I (of all people) hadn't voted early. I just justified it with the simple idea that "since I figured I was there all day anyway ... you know." Silence. Sigh. "I guess you'll have to sneak out for a little bit."

So, the plan for today is to get the house put together since Gretchen informed me that she might rather watch Lubbock here tomorrow. Poor Jim may have the flu. What a friend! She's done with diapers, but volunteers to be back in the throws of it so that I can work the polls. However, the thought of someone else being here all day! I'm trying to look at my house through someone else's eyes. Things like ... the bag of cat food in the living room (since Saturday) are fine for me to look at all day, but Gretchen doesn't need to see that. It would probably be easier for her to be here, though ... the house already being baby-proofed and all. And she's such a good friend ... I doubt she'd go spreading true rumors (!) about me like ... did you know Nata-Leigh got a parking ticket? Yes, it's on my fridge and I'm too dang lazy to write the $5 check and send it off. Who writes actual checks anymore with online bill pay? I'd have to find the checkbook first!

Wednesday, Kevin and I are going to the Hayes Carll concert. It's downtown and this takes much planning on my part. Which I haven't done. We have to determine which Metra train to take, which L-train to take, if it's better to take a cab once we're down there ... especially because Kevin is fairly slow right now. Then, there's the age-old ... what to wear. I'm not sweating it, though. I didn't even wear makeup to the James concert ... who am I trying to impress? I suppose since I am going with Kevin, I will at least put some effort into it. Try to at least remind him that I at least used to be a hot babe in a former life, ya know!?! In a former life, I also had all the time in the world to get put together and didn't have to worry about partying too hard for fear that someone might wake up and actually need to be paid attention to. But, Lauren being the fantastic aunt that she is, will watch Lubbock for us, so we can go have fun. Too bad she won't be here in the morning!

Then Lauren leaves for a vacation in Kansas on Thursday, so I have a trip to the airport ... that drive always wears me out. I'm so old ... driving wears me out? I can't believe I just said that.

Well, all that said, Lubbock has officially torn the guest room apart and is getting cranky, so I should go.

Get out and vote!

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