Thursday, November 6, 2008

The First Half of What Turned Out to Be a Great Day

After showering, Lubbock and I decided to visit Aunt Lauren at work for lunch. Mmmm ... breakfast for lunch. A veggie omelette.

Home for a nap. By then, I was feeling better. I laid back down for a little bit, though. No sleep, though. I think I was just super congested and I felt better as the day went on. I decided to push off seeking medication in hopes that I was over the worst of it. I had made up my mind that I would power through the day and go to the concert and have a great time. I'm so brave.

Lubbock and I walked down to Heather's to visit his best friends. It amazes me how well they all get along. I told Heather about how my entire back yard is covered in leaves from all the neighbors super tall trees and we decided to let the kids play in them. We threw them up in the air and basically let them run around to burn off some energy. Eleanor played hide-and-seek with us ... she hid in the stroller!

You can easily forget with daylight savings how early it gets dark. By 5p, it was getting chilly and windy and dark, so we said good-bye and I started to get ready for the concert.

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Melisa said...

There is something about kids and leaves...