Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Vote and the Sink

Today was one of the few days I brought home the bacon. Kevin indulges me in my "career" as an Election Judge. What a career this is. I've worked two whole days. And by whole ... I do mean whole. I worked from 5a to 7:30p. And by worked ... I do mean ... sat on my butt.

Of course, I couldn't have expected as great a turnout as the Presidential Election produced, but the turnout wasn't enough to keep everyone busy. We rotated all duties and even had a "break" position. We just sat between two people who worked and if they ran out of stickers, we replaced them.

I was able to read a huge portion of my latest self-help book, Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley. The basics of her system is that you come up with a routine, you spend a short amount of time everyday cleaning, and you de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter (you can't organize or clean clutter). I've mentioned this in passing before ... Marla is FlyLady. As I researched her system online, I found it to be a really complex website to navigate. Sure, you get the gist, but in order for me to map it out on my own, I found the book to be a more concise version of her plan. Perhaps this is on purpose ... I did buy the book, after all!

Tomorrow, I am welcoming a handyman into my home to finish the reverse osmosis water treatment system. We've made this investment based on the hope for drinkable well water. We spend about $50 a month for water delivery. At that rate, the water system will pay for itself in just about a year. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the water is drinkable.

I am hosting a playgroup and serving lunch to my lovely friends. I don't know what I'll cook, but I've got plenty in the freezer ... I really should pull it out before I to bed to start thawing in the fridge.

I have a dentist appointment to determine if there is a non-surgical way to fix my bite ... I don't have one and this has caused some jaw pain. I used to sleep with a night guard, but when I was pregnant, my teeth got so loose, the night guard no longer fits. So, the result may just be a new guard.
Then, we are going to Brandy's for dinner. I still feel horrible for missing New Year's Eve at her place (even though I had the "death," as Kevin calls it). We're going to look at her dining room chairs to see if I would like them in my dining room as a temporary substitute for what I really want. Of course, there's what I would really get, too. My kitchen is so bright and colorful and I'm tired of the dark wood furniture. It's really lovely, but just doesn't flow with the rest of the house. Not like my favorite table would!

Oh, table ... how do I live without you?

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Melisa said...

I need to get organized. Want to come help me? :o)