Monday, April 20, 2009

The Egg and the Towel

Kevin's parents came in town on Friday and it has been a whirlwind of food and fun ever since. Being the weekend after Easter, they made sure to bring some good Tex-Mex fun with them in the way of cascarones.

I probably can't count how many times I've heard Kevin and his mom talk about how much fun it was to do these when he was younger (and maybe older). Making them is a tradition I plan on starting next year as Lubbock just isn't old enough to handle raw eggs yet. As welcoming as I am, salmonella is just one of the things on my 'no thanks' list.

So, the basic idea is that it's an emptied out eggshell filled with confetti and you bust it over someone's head (ideally when they're not expecting it). We started by having Lubbock break one over Kevin's head ... with Grandma's help.

Kevin then broke one on Lubbock's head. He was completely unimpressed with the whole thing and spent the next little while picking the confetti off himself and Kevin. I'm glad I didn't go through the effort of making them this year, but I know next year will be a different story. He'll be old enough to understand how much fun breaking something on someone's head is ... especially when it makes such a big, colorful mess.

In the food department, we dined on fajitas one night, pizza another, and homemade corn dogs & corn fritters last night. (Mary was nice enough to make some with veggie dogs for my sister and me. Lauren being a vegetarian and me just not being a hot dog fan.) We went to The Turf Room for a late lunch on Saturday and to this place that I can never remember the name of yesterday. I always call it "the restaurant on a hill that makes the really good soup on Friday, but we always forget to go on Friday, so we're always mad about it on Sunday." They all know which one I mean.

I meant to get a lot of work done on Lubbock's birthday invitations, but that did not happen. Instead, I tried to shop. It made me appreciate the 'fishing' phraseology that was always explained to me when I lived in Oklahoma.

Any random man in Oklahoma: I went fishing yesterday.

Me: What did you catch?

Man: Nothing, I went fishing, not catching.
I'm not sure why I thought of that. Back to shopping ... I have needed new towels for a while as Kevin has long complained about the lack of softness of our current ones. Like most things, I had a list of qualifications our new towels must meet. First, they had to be white. Second, they must not have a stripe (you know, that hard, decorative area that always shrinks after it is dried, making the last two inches or so look funny when the towel is folded). And third, they had to be soft. I researched long and hard and settled on the Linden Street Quick Dry towels.

Knowing they would go on sale one day, I waited. Then, yesterday, I got an email from JCPenney's offering a 20% discount off my whole purchase and I saw on the website, that they were on sale, too! Score! I had hit the jackpot. I knew my patience would be rewarded. While I was there, I'll pick up some pajamas for Lubbock (again, I have a qualification ... must be 100% cotton). And I noticed that my favorite shorts were on sale for nearly half price. What a great day!

So, coupon in hand, I visited our local store and found that they only had three. I wanted ten. No luck with checking in the back either. They had no more. No biggie, I thought. I'd just order them online and the discount would likely take care of the shipping.

I visited the kid's department to look at pajamas. Polyester, polyester, polyester. Ick, ick, ick. Poor Lubbock has my sensitive skin and polyester always feels scratchy to me and causes too much static, making my hair go crazy. Lubbock has the same hair problem. Not a single pair of cotton pajamas in the whole store. No biggie, I thought. I'll just try somewhere else.

Off to my section, thinking about how fun it will be to get a new color short. "Maybe I'll be brave and get a bright turquoise." Hmmm. Where are they? I asked if they had them. No, we only have the capris. "But they're in the ad. Do you know if you'll get them this week?" (While they're on sale, I thought.) "No." Not very helpful.

Still, I won't let this break my excitement of finding the perfect sale/coupon combination. I'll get the shorts online, too.

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Did you know that they don't have the same prices online as they do in the stores on all items? The towels were on backorder, so the website said it couldn't tell me how much shipping was or if it would then honor the discount code. And the shorts were so much more expensive online, that once you added shipping, they were practically full price.

So, I went shopping, not buying!

Not complaining. Just saying.


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Resweater said...

You are such a good writer! I love reading your blog. Do those shorts have any stretch? I gotta have stretch.

Melisa said...

I seriously want to make those egg thingies.

I hate that shrinky part of towels too. So annoying!