Friday, April 10, 2009

The Green Party

Last month, I missed the first Scrapbooking Night put together by my friend, Beth. But, I volunteered to host this month's get-together. Not knowing what happened last time, I was concerned about how much or how little to put into it. I've never been known to go over the top with anything. (I can't believe I typed that without spitting my wine on the laptop screen.)

One thing I learned ... you can never have enough table! I don't scrapbook (probably a shocking statement to those who know how I enjoy expressing my creative side). I tried it my freshman year of college. I started to scrapbook all my pictures from high school. I got two pages done. That was the end of that.

But, since I don't scrapbook, I didn't realize just how much space this can take up. The pages are 12" x 12" and there's typically two of them out at any one time. Plus the "stuff." But, it was still a total blast.

We got to see all the cool tools we all had and tried each other's glues and cutting machines. I find card makers and scrapbookers have much to learn from each other. They are two totally different art forms!

What was the theme, Nata-Leigh? I'm glad you asked. It was "Cuttlebug Green." I had a green bucket with Izze soda, some green cups with Nutella scooped in the bottom and pretzels for dipping, and some handmade wine charms to write your name on (yes, all in "Cuttlebug Green").

So, I've cleaned up enough to feel okay about going to bed and I really should since tomorrow, we're going to Brandy's church's Easter Egg Drop (out of a helicopter!) and then a Dinosaur Jr. concert with Lauren and Kevin. Both events should be a blast.


Jen said...

Thanks for the invite! I only got 7 cards (almost) done, but I had a great time!
P.S. It's hard to eat pretzels & Nutella and drive. Just thought I'd give you the heads up!

Melisa said...

Look at you, Ms Crafty! How fun!