Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Birthday Season Continues

In my Wednesday playgroup, we face a three week 'birthday season' in which all our little guys (and gal) get to add a year. I think it will turn into a really special time of year for them as they are more able to understand the joy that is a birthday.

Today was the first fete. Austin turned two! But let me take you back a month or so ...

The moms in the playgroup were sitting in my living room discussing birthday planning, themes, and cake designs when Austin's mom, Rachel, shocked the rest of us with the confession that she hadn't started the planning ... hadn't even thought of a theme. (I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this.)

You could have picked my jaw up off the ground! It's no secret in our group that I have career aspirations of being a children's party planner.

So, we reviewed theme ideas and she said that Austin liked construction trucks, so I threw out a few ideas and kindly offered to "hijack" her party ... with her permission, of course.

She agreed and I promised to put together a complete party plan after I had a few hours to think about it.

Later that day, I put together the following:

Theme: ABC Construction (Austin's Birthday Crew) with yellow and black as the colors

Dessert: Construction Cupcakes

Favor: personalized hard hats

Decorations: caution tapes, cones, and toy dump trucks

Invitations: a sort of 'help wanted' ad giving a work site and shift

Rachel came up with several ideas on her own ... so nobody should read this and think she's not the creative type, too! She made the invitations, made the cake, thought of the cute idea of sack lunches for the kids (big hit!), and even found a little truck and digger to park in her driveway. Rachel, you did an awesome job of putting it all together!

We all had tons of fun and Austin got some great gifts from his friends, including a cute black t-shirt with a dump truck on it from Lubbock. Of course, courtesy of be the thread.

So, next month (after birthday season) ... I plan to open my children's party planning business! I guess I can say this was a trial run at using my creative forces. I'm fairly nervous ... no ... very nervous. But, it's nothing that "blogging it out" can't help!


Beth said...

Yay! What an exciting venture for you!

Melisa said...

Oh. Wow. Nata-Leigh, that was some amazing stuff you got. You are very creative. I am SOOOOO hiring you!