Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Sock and the Shock

Sometimes ... and by that, I mean ... very infrequently ... Lubbock wakes up in a good mood. I'll hear him talking or singing in his room and I'll open the door to his big ol' smilin' face.

Last week, we had one of those mornings. I heard him singing (what, I don't know) and he sounded so happy. He then said, "Mom!" and I opened the door promptly as I had been standing outside his room listening to all of this. He saw me and started jumping up and down and screaming at the top of his lungs. Happy screams.

And I then noticed that he had a sock on his hand. He's been doing that lately. There was one morning when I tried to put socks on his feet and he just wouldn't have it. Apparently socks go on hands. I tried to put a different pair on his hands, but he wanted the pair that matched his shirt. What a silly kid!

I know the second picture is blurry ... but, have you tried taking a picture of your silly monkey jumping in his bed? I kind of like it that way. You can still tell he's smiling. I think some of my favorite pictures of Lubbock are blurry ones. It reminds me when I look at them that one day, my memories, too, will be fuzzy, but I think I'll always remember how I felt at the moment the picture was taken.

So, we had a happy morning and then I got to wrap up work on his invitations ... or so I thought! I was placing the hand made beauties in envelopes and only needed to print labels and place the hand made stickers on the outside ... then off they were to go. I had paused to look at my handy-work and started to feel like something was wrong.

Gasp! I didn't put the date on the invitations. I couldn't believe it. How could I (the person who just declared her intention to start a party planning business) forget something like that? I suppose it taught me a lesson. I have every intention of making a checklist for clients ... to include simple things like ... is there a date on the invitation?

Thankfully, I was able to carefully remove the portion of the invitation that contained the information, re-print that portion and reapply, but I did have to make all new 'peace hands' to go on the inside. I'm an official pro on that, now. I won't release the images of the invitation yet since I just placed them in the mailbox on Saturday. You will get to see, however, the aftermath of my creativity. I really don't think I can be creative without making a mess. I can see how Kevin gets nervous anytime I begin a 'project.'

Hopefully, I'll have lots of projects soon! I've come up with a company name. That, too, is a guarded secret for now ... don't worry ... it's really cute!

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Jen said...

Don't sweat it! At least you caught the "dateless" invites before they went out!

I feel priviledged to know the company name. Don't're secrets safe with me!