Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Second Party Review

Phew! I can't believe it's already Saturday and that my little man has been two for almost a whole week. Where has the time gone?

I wanted to hop on here and give a quick pictorial review of his hippie birthday party. I hope everyone had as great a time as I did ...

I hired Bornhoff Photography to come to the party, allowing me to socialize and not have to worry about catching the perfect party images. Well worth the money! I'll have the disk soon with all the pictures to share, but the above were just a few of the favorites.

Pastry Girls made the tie dyed cupcakes. There were rave reviews of the chocolate cupcakes and the design fit in perfectly!

The giveaway was a balloon ball from Kerry Crafts. It's a fabric ball that you insert a balloon into and blow it up! The tie dyed fabric pouches with orange ribbon drawstrings just sent me over the moon.

I had be the thread iron on some orange twos in case anyone forgot that Lubbock was two. And these twos matched the large two she put on the back of Lubbock's tie dyed shirt.

If you want Lubbock's shirt, though ... too bad! It's a one-of-a-kind find courtesy of Aunt Lo. She picked it up in San Fran from a for-real hippie. Pretty cool, huh?


Beth said...

Looks fun - sorry we had to miss it!

Jen said...

Groovy! I dig it!

Melisa said... You are worth every penny! That looks GREAT!