Monday, April 6, 2009

The Office and the Dining Room

I've moved! Not really, but kind of. We purchased a brand, new shiny laptop and I promptly closed down the "study" in the front room. This left me with a challenge, though. I could be extremely mobile with the laptop, but I still needed a "home." I think that's why I've been so bad at sending pictures to grandparents and updating my blog. It's easy to do something quick (like update your facebook status to say "we're gonna make like bears and hibernate"), but much more difficult to stand and expound on the daily grind of the life of me.

So, I've set up shop in the dining room. Due to my successful decluttering, we were able to get rid of a large piece of furniture in the dining room (it didn't really match anyway and mostly housed large machines and liquor). I purchased a bar height table (two feet by four feet) and a stool. I love having my office located in the dining room!

The kitchen and dining room area of our home is always the busiest. Both Kevin and I love to cook and what better place to be than within feet of each other.

As I'm sure you're aware ... everything in my life has a theme ... so, the theme for the desk is "kitchy kitchen." I found a pretty pink colander to use as a junk drawer, a super cool measuring cup to house my pens and pencils, two baking sheets to put my notices on, and I'm on the hunt for a napkin holder to use as my mail sorter.

I do have a small open filing system to keep medical, tax, and course catalogs. It took a while to decide what to do with my paper shredder. I'm not very good at shredding things if the shredder isn't close at hand. I finally determined that it had to go downstairs. But, I have one file folder specifically for things to be shredded. I haven't used the shredder since it went downstairs, but my folder isn't over-flowing yet!

My household notebook is also taking up residence on my desk. Easy access will hopefully make for a more smooth operation around here.
I do have some really super cute pictures of Lubbock that need to be loaded, but as he just awoke from his nap ... I'm going to go pay attention to him. I love being able to do that. And I find as I am keeping up with the housework, there is more time for me to enjoy him.
I love my job (and my new desk).

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Melisa said...

I LOVE your kitchen theme! How cute! I am not that creative. Impressive!

Welcome back to blogging. :o)