Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Quick Plan

I really didn't intend on doing much today because this weekend is promising to be super busy.

But, it cracks me up how easily plans can be created. I emailed Hailey's mom to see what color Crocs she intended on purchasing this summer. Just to make sure we didn't get the same pair at the outlet store.

Jen (Hailey's mom) said they got orange and blue thongs. (Yah! since I plan on getting the orange original pair.) But she also planned on going to the outlet mall this morning anyway. Do I want to go?

Um ... go window shopping? Sure! I was so proud of myself ... I spent fifty cents! For the fire truck ride for Hailey and Lubbock (a.k.a. photo op). Of course ... I accepted the coffee Jen picked up on the way there. Thank you so much!

And can they be any cuter?


Jen said...

They are SOOOO cute! Thanks for coming out...we had fun too!

Melisa said...

Way to cute!