Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Egg Drop Flop

Do you see that little speck in the middle of this picture? That's the helicopter that dropped thousands of eggs for an Easter Egg hunt. It sounded like such a fun idea ... Brandy's church puts it on each year and it looked like a fun time. So, Jen & Hailey, Brandy & Evan (and Matt, the hubby), and my family were going to go have a blast.

Well, you remember that picture of the helicopter ... that's about as close as we got. We missed the whole thing because I believe about 2% of the entire population of Illinois decided to go. We made it to the entrance of the parking lot just as the helicopter dropped the eggs, so we determined it was best just to drive on.

It's times like this that I'm actually happy Lubbock doesn't understand most of what's going on. I'm sure if he were a year older and I had hyped up a helicopter and Easter egg hunt ... he would have been angry we hadn't made it in time (and rightfully so).

Instead of being angry, though, he took an early nap. That'll show, Mom ... put me in a car in stand still traffic for over an hour! Ha! I'll just take my nap now so that she won't get her break later this afternoon.

For information on how the egg drop went for those that made it on time ... you can see Jen's blog.

What we have decided, however, is that for next year ... we'll locate a CD of helicopter noises, send one of our dear hubbies onto the roof and just launch the eggs from there. No traffic to fight. No kids stealing your eggs. No early naps to deal with.

Just the possibility of a husband rolling off a roof. Maybe throwing them out a second story window would be a better idea!


Melisa said...

My parents have a water ballon launcher. Just get one of those. ;o)

Jen said...

LOL! Loved the post!! We'll think of something creative for next year!