Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Note, the Water, and the Boys

This morning, I received a special delivery package in my mailbox from Meredith. She had a recent birthday party and invited Lubbock and I to "chaperon." I couldn't believe it. I'm old enough for that? For someone to entrust me with the lives of five tweenagers? Surely she must have meant to ask someone else. But, it was true. All went well. I started and ended with the same number of girls and we won the scavenger hunt contest!

Meredith, being the most graciously raised child I know, wrote a thank you note and included a few pictures from the scavenger hunt and some perfectly coordinating bottle cap magnets for my desk (all pictured on my cookie sheet message boards). In case you can't read the note, she calls me "helpful," "smart," "responsible," and "gorgeous." (Okay, I made up the last one.)

This helped start my day in such a special way. Prior to getting the package, I had forced myself out of bed by way of singing C&C Music Factory's "Here We Go" ... you know ... "You all want this party started? Right? You all want this party started ... quickly! Right?" Admit it ... you liked them, too. Anyway, I started bopping (in my head) and took a shower, got dressed, ate breakfast, and had coffee all before Lubbock woke up.

When he woke up, he ate breakfast, took a bath, and got dressed with enough time for me to do a quick wipe down of the bathroom (with his towel, thanks for the suggestion FlyLady), and made my bed before the water guy came to complete the installation. Verdict on the morning: success! I received a thoughtful note and had a smooth running morning.

Verdict on the water: pending. He said you have to run some water through the filters before you can drink it. I've run it through twice ... Kevin drank it and said it was fine. I'll wait for one more flush before trying it. Fingers still crossed.

I can't think of a good transition ... so ...

There is a family that lives two houses down. They have three teenage boys (poor Mom). These boys have so much energy that I believe the parents must send them outside to burn it off five times a day. They have a trampoline that has been the recent tool of choice. It is also a complete fascination of Lubbock's. He loves to watch the boys and when he notices them jumping, he climbs up on our dining room table and just points and yells at them (can you see the boys in the photo? Not close enough for them to hear Lubbock, for sure!).

I've spoken with the oldest boy and he promised when the weather got warmer that they'd invite Lubbock over. Oh, boy! I'm not sure I'm ready for another trip to the emergency room just yet!


Jen said...

We bought my niece and nephews a big trampoline with netting all around for Christmas a few years ago. Take a look in my sister's backyard next time you pass by! They also have a huge playset. Next time Hailey and I are over there playing we'll give you a call! Hailey LOVES the trampoline!

Melisa said...

We had a trampoline growing up too. Teenagers have lots of energy to burn!