Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Proof I am a Mom

As Mother's Day is approaching, I've been paying close attention to the things that make me a Mom. Not the qualities ... but the actually things. I'll talk about all those 'intangibles' on Sunday!

I mentioned my favorite shorts ... by Dockers. I also think the capris are fabulous ... both versions they made this season. They stretch. And they cover my underwear when I bend down. What Mom doesn't bend down? What Mom likes her undies handing out? What Mom has been embarrassed when a three-year old points to your "rat-too" on your hiney? (Maybe that's just me.)

And shoes ... comfort. Moms need comfortable shoes. They must be cute, slip resistant, and match your favorite shorts, jeans, and skirt, right? Who cares about the brand ... right? Well ... here's my last Mom confession ... I bought my first pair of Easy Spirit shoes. Wow! Did I just admit this? Yup! Maybe I'm turning into a Grandma before my time ... but, for now ... I'm only admitting to being a Mom!

What makes you a Mom?


Melisa said...

Cute post. What are Easy Spirit shoes?

Nadine said...

I've got no kids, but I've certainly got my fair share of comfortable shoes. I tried on a pair this weekend that I thought were cute, but Cormac told me I looked like I'd just come off the night shift at the hospital...LOL...maybe I'm skipping straight to grandma stage!!! :-)

Resweater said...

I no longer have pride of any kind. If it fits & it is comfy, I am wearing it!
p.s. you have not sold out... those shoes are cute!

Jen said...

I know I'm a mom because I no longer care what my hair looks like. I think to myself "this is what it looks like..if you don't like it, don't look at me." LOL. And to think I used to spend 45 minutes a day straightening and doing my hair before Hailey! Ha!