Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Greetings and the Card

Earlier this week, I decided to run lots of 'long distance' errands. I visited with my friend, Beth of be the thread. She is making some of the items for Lubbock's birthday party (less than a month away *yikes*) and some other important things for me ... to be discussed next month!

As Lubbock and I approached her front door, I couldn't help but smile and the signs posted for all her visitors. "Hello! Hello!" One written in perfect block letter handwriting and the other in 'I'm a big boy and can write now' handwriting. I had flash forwards to the day when Lubbock will want to sit down and begin to learn the benefits of letters, letters making words, and words making thoughts and stories. The signs made me feel so welcomed . Thank you, Beth!

After that, Lubbock and I took off for the mall. Not any of the three closer malls, but to one pretty far away. All in search of the towels and shorts that eluded me on Friday. I wasn't able to use my 20% discount, but was still able to find what I was looking for. Lubbock played in the kid's play area with Hailey and Sergio while Jen and I talked about our weekends. We had lunch and a few meltdowns ... complete with a nasty bite to my arm which is still bruised! Ouch!
I guess I didn't take Lubbock seriously when he told me he was done (via the bite) and decided to visit one more store while I was on that side of town. One of my favorite, overpriced, scrapbooking stores. I don't think I've ever bought more than some glue and paper from them, but I love to look around. Lubbock doesn't. He screamed the whole time, every set of eyes on us. We left and he fell asleep about ten seconds later.
The rest of my week has pretty much been consumed with the completion of his invitations. I've been working on the wording (always important) and gluing bits and pieces together. One day, Lubbock will be impressed ... or not. Who knows.
Kevin will be leaving early tomorrow morning to fly to Texas to play a round at the MJ Golf Classic. The tournament helps raise money for the American Cancer Society. He has a lot of fun, too ... so, I don't mind him going. He's been just about every year it's happened (except 2007 when I was a very pregnant lady).
We'll see what a weekend alone with my little guy brings! I really can't wait to see his face on Monday evening when Kevin comes home. He'll be so excited ... a chicken dance won't be able to express the excitement.

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