Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Bubbles and the Sticks

As Kevin is out of town this weekend, I had to keep Lubbock busy all by myself. Well, a few good friends helped out and, of course, Aunt Lo came to the rescue, too.

Our friends, Julia and Madeline, invited us to a second birthday party. We had so much fun catching up since we hadn't seen each other in almost a year! It was great to see how much the kids have changed and how much their personalities remain the same. She was able to blow out her candle all by herself!

The highlight of the weekend was likely the Baby Loves Disco party we attended today. It's basically a daytime nightclub experience for your little one. They play adult music (sorry, no Barney) that has been pre-screened for bad lyrics. You won't be able to keep your hips from movin'!

If you'd like, they do serve adult beverages, but mostly it's just adults not caring that they look silly because the kids are having so much fun. The DJ (yes, a DJ) announces when the bubble machine will be turning on and all the kids rush over to the dance floor for a ''bubble popping contest" ... everyone's a winner in this contest. They gave away egg shakers that were a hit with the kids and there was face painting and spray hair coloring (orange all the way)!

He made friends with lots of little girls with pink tutus. And when he got tired of dancing, he hung out in the hallway ... next to the mop bucket. Whatever. As we left, he was handed a pink star wand that lit up. I was given a gift bag that included a blow up globe (with animals for each region) ... and loads of advertisements. I guess they've got to get their money somehow!

We had lunch at the Mongolian barbecue place down the street where Lubbock thrilled an audience of diners with his ability to allow Aunt Lo to feed him brown rice with chopsticks. Okay, maybe it didn't take much talent ... but, it was pretty cute. I am incredibly impressed, however, because from about seven-months of age, Lubbock has not allowed anyone to feed him anything. That is, until Aunt Lo fed him chocolate cake from a fork. So, that used to be the only thing he'd let us feed him. Now, we can feed him brown rice. It wasn't just the chopsticks, either ... we tried chicken and broccoli and he had no interest in that.

We stopped at a few of the local shops to look at some toys, but Lubbock had a full day and was ready to get in his car seat for a long nap. A very long nap, indeed.

Tomorrow, Kevin gets back in town, but he's going straight to work from the airport, so I likely won't see him until he gets home from work. Lubbock will probably do the chicken dance until he flies off the ground.


Jen said...

The disco sounds fun! We'll have to check that out sometime, too!

Melisa said...

Wow! That looks so fun! I should have left my kids and come up for the party. ;o)

mmmm, Mongolian BBQ.... mmmmmm

Jen said...

Yay! Now I'm a follower of your blog officially. Thanks for the blog comments! I appreciate it! And your little Lubbock is quite the handsome cowboy. Looking forward to hearing a lot more about you and your life here in virtual land!