Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Guest at Playgroup

Lubbock decided that the kitchen needed some decorative help and unloaded the cookie cooling racks onto the ground. What a big helper!

Moshmee arrived on Tuesday night and it's been non-stop since she got here. We had dinner and stayed up late with Lauren talking about what's gone on in the last few months. Lubbock woke up the next morning and Aunt Moshmee was amazed at everything Lubbock did (as any good aunt would be). He ate mango and waffle for breakfast and then took his bath. Moshmee gave him a lobster bath toy (while on vacation in Maine) and a cute little Reebok wind suit for the fall. He loves the lobster. You wind it up and his tail goes crazy. Lubbock kept handing it to me to wind and I'd drop it in the tub. Once it's done, he picks it back up and hands it back to me to wind. Endless fun.

At our playgroup yesterday, we hosted Jen & Haley and Brandy & Evan. Everyone had so much fun and Moshmee got to see Lubbock's little friends. I made the salads I had prior to my massage last week (raspberries, red onions, toasted pistachios, feta cheese (instead of goat cheese) and pomegranate vinaigrette on mixed greens ... it's so good). Lubbock took a short nap then Moshmee and I took him to Target for coffee and an indoor walk. I didn't buy anything again. In fact, I returned a shirt I wasn't crazy about. I really need to try things on first, but it's so easy to return it that it's not worth getting Lubbock out of the cart, into the dressing room, keep him from looking under the stall at the lady next door or crawling under the door when I've got my shirt off ... you get the picture.

When Lauren got off work, we went to run errands. Moshmee must be impressed with how exciting my life is as a mom! I had my last photography class last night, so Kevin, Lauren, and Lubbock took her out for dinner. I got home about when they did and we played Apples to Apples for a little while.

Today is going to be way more exciting. I let Moshmee sleep in (as much as she could while crashed on our couch). After Lubbock's done with his morning nap, we'll go to the outdoor mall for lunch and wander around H&M (her favorite store ... they don't have them in Texas yet). We're going to try to fit in pedicures before having girl's night out at the karaoke bar. Then, she leaves tomorrow to go hang out with Nadine in Chicago. It seems like her visit always goes so quickly. We might not get to see her again until Christmas time.

Off to do a load of dishes!


Melisa said...

What is H&M? I've never heard of that store.

Apples to Apples is really fun!

Melisa said...

Okay, things slowed down a little at my place after my book quaratine, and I realized I hadn't seen a post from ya in awhile. Everything okay?