Sunday, July 20, 2008

Abandoning Budgets

I think I'm too impatient to work within my budget of $100 I set for myself for the downstairs craft/play room. I was able to locate a table with white legs and a maple top (similar to the wood on the other items I already purchased). I found it for $30 on craigslist and they live about a mile away, so it's super convenient (especially since I'll be on the way to the airport when Kevin goes to pick it up). So, I've got $28 left in my budget ... I think. I don't know that I'll be able to do what I need to do. Maybe I should establish a new budget of $200. That's still a pretty low number and I'd still feel good about getting the area done. I took pictures last night and moved some things around in the basement. It's unfinished and not tall enough to finish, so it's one of those old school basements with limestone walls. Pretty cool except for everything gets really dusty. All this is to be expected in a home that is more than 100 years old. We just had to have the charm of an old home.

When we bought our first home in Oklahoma City, we bought a house built in the 40s. It was awesome. It had so much character, but also said a lot about how society has changed. The kitchen cabinets weren't deep enough for our dinner plates! We loved working on all the different projects around the house, mostly ripping up carpet to expose beautiful wood floors and painting walls.

Then we moved to Fort Worth and had to buy a house in one weekend ... well, we didn't have to, but we did. We focused on a new house because we figured we had already experienced an older house, so we should try to relax for a while. We hated it. All the houses in our neighborhood looked alike, there was nothing exciting going on in the interior of the house, the tree was only 5 feet tall and every house in the neighborhood had that same little damn tree! It felt like suburban life at it's most expected.

So, we got the opportunity to move north and decided to go with an old house that had most of the updating done for us this time. We still have projects ahead of us. We need to add a bathroom ... how we've survived two years with one bathroom is beyond me! Kevin would love a deck and I'd like to have a garage. We've used his bonus every year to do something new to the house. The first year was just decorating ... paint, curtains, a pull out couch for the guest room/study/currently serving as Lauren's bedroom, and all the furniture and "start up" baby supplies needed once we found out we were expecting. The next year, we hooked up our house to the city's sewer line. I hated having a septic system. Our tank was so small that we could either take do laundry or dishes in the evening, but not both! So, that was a necessity. I can't decide what I'm going to rally for at the beginning of the year, but I'm thinking a bathroom will be nice once Lubbock's a full fledged bathroom user!

Maybe once I get home from the airport (Grandma Dianne is leaving), I'll post the pictures I took last night. Nothing too exciting going on anyway. Forgot ... Mad Men season premiere tonight on AMC ... Must watch television ... Does Peggy keep her baby?

Update ... just realized Mad Men season premiere is next week. So, nothing happening tonight after all!

Update, update ... posted pictures are of the room in the basement I will attempt to turn into a craft/play room. All photos are taken from southeast corner. First photo is of the south side, second of the west side, third photo is looking north. I've done tons of work, but my sister is kicking me out of her "room" (aka my study) so she can go to bed!

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I love house pictures! Do a whole bunch! :)