Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Surroundings

On my way home from my class the last few Wednesdays, I've begun to pay more attention to my surroundings. I live in a beautiful area with many old farms and buildings. The red building here is on a farm that sells mostly fall harvests like apples, corn, and honey. There are several corn fields between my house and the campus and they've planted the corn very late this year. I remember last year that Lubbock was about 6 weeks old when the corn was already showing on the stalks. They aren't even very tall yet two or three weeks later this year.

The "cider" sign is on the same building, just on the side. Even though it's in the mid 90s right now, just seeing the word cider makes me feel like it's fall.

My mom gets into town in about an hour and I'm about an hour away from the airport, but I prefer to be a little late so that I don't have to keep looping around O'Hare. That's a crazy airport and trying to weave your way through traffic drives me nuts. I can't wait for her to see Lubbock. She hasn't seen him since he started to walk, so that's been about three months. I'm sure we'll get the benefit of babysitting, but I'm trying to convince Kevin that we don't need to go out on Saturday. I'd rather try to get some work done on the basement. Our grand plan is to move all the stuff out of the side room and turn it into a craft/play room. Our house is really small and last winter was difficult trying to keep Lubbock entertained in only the living room, so I can't imagine what this winter will be like. I'd like to be able to split up the day and have two different areas in which to play. I've already got a diagram of where I want my bookshelves, tables, chairs, toys, etc. I need to start looking at garage sales for these things so that I don't have to buy it all new. (I've been keeping my eyes open on freecycle and craigslist, too.) I have a mural printed off that I want and have been collecting different colors of paint from everyone willing to give me their leftovers. Kevin's not very happy about that because I have about 40 different colors collected and it's starting to just pile up downstairs. I keep reminding him about how much money I've saved by finding it for free.

Last picture, just a pretty picture I took last night. I guess I should get going to the airport. I can't wait to see her. I'm sure she's excited to see Lubbock.

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