Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can't Sleep

Last night was rough. My little guy woke up at 11pm (right after I finally fell asleep) and cried for about an hour. Kevin woke up at about midnight ... just as Lubbock was calming down. It irritated me at the time, but I think it's funny that Kevin has a knack for waking up at the exact moment that Lubbock's calming down and acts like "Oh, my gosh ... Lubbock's crying. You should go do something. " At the time, in my sleep deprivation, my reaction is something along the line of "F*** off, I've been awake the whole time, you selfish pig." Then he rolls over and goes right back to sleep. I secretly hate him at those times. Maybe not so secretly. I actually just hate the fact that he can sleep through everything and I have such a hard time getting to sleep in the first place and an even harder time staying asleep. I tried melatonin, but that just makes it really hard to wake up in the morning. Anyway, Kevin kissed me goodbye in the morning and I told him I loved him ... because I do.

I never resolved the dinner issue yesterday because Lubbock was such a snuggly baby the whole day. His temperature finally went down, but he still cried a ton. I watched a lot of daytime TV yesterday and there were so many White Castle commercials on. I was craving their french fries by the end of the day and just sent Kevin out to grab drive-thru dinner. Maybe chicken for dinner tonight. Crap! I have photography class tonight. Maybe I'll make it anyway since my sister isn't working today and I have an extra set of hands. My mom comes in town for the weekend tomorrow and Kevin is having dinner with the president of his company, so I'm sure I'll wind up going out for dinner tomorrow myself. Yes, I'll make chicken tonight.

I'm actually excited about my class tonight. I didn't do my homework, though. But, it's just a community class, so there's no grading or anything. We were supposed to take some portraits using different lighting techniques. Unfortunately, it's difficult to explain to Lubbock that he needs to sit still while Mommy determines if the light is hitting him just right. Hell, I'm lucky if I can snap a picture of him with his head still enough to not be blurry. I'm mostly really good at taking nature pictures right now since it sits still! I'm trying to post one of my favorites, but can't figure it out yet. I'll keep trying to work on it after I have my coffee!

Yah! I figured it out.

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Melisa said...

Ohhh, pretty picture! That is one of the (many) talents I wish I had. I would love to be a good photographer.

I so hear ya on the middle of the night thing! Brad is incredibly helpful during the day, but once he is asleep, forget it! You are on your own. He can sleep through anything and I can sleep through nothing. I was really irritated about it for awhile, but I decided I would rather have him be helpful during the day than at night. That is how I came to peace with it. Though I confess, I still have my moments when I want to use a foghorn on him. :)