Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Planning for a Birthday and a Visit

Kevin's birthday is next month and I can't really decide what to do. I didn't do much last year because we went to Texas that week and we were with his mom and dad at their lake house. I thought about getting tickets to a concert, but the only person coming anytime soon (that Kevin would want to see) is Pat Green. And that really isn't until the end of September. I also thought about doing one of those dinner cruises in downtown Chicago. The one that's the Saturday after his birthday is going on during some other festival, so it features a fireworks show. I don't know what I'll do. He always just takes me shopping and lets me pick out what I want. Maybe we'll just spend the day together ... that's always fun. I could always get him tickets to a football game, but it doesn't look like the Cowboys are coming here this year.

Moshmee is coming into town on Tuesday. I really need to get the house cleaned up. But, here I am sitting at the computer while Lubbock takes his nap! To my credit, I was able to get all the laundry put away before sitting down. I think I'm going to try to get the kitchen cleaned up while he eats lunch. Then, all I have to do is sweep and mop and that side of the house is done for about one hour ... my sister and my dog can mess it back up pretty quickly. Housework is my own personal demon.

Well, he just woke up ... looks like I played around on the internet too long to actually type anything. Kitchen cleaning ... here I come!

Later that day ... I got some work done in the kitchen, but mostly concentrated on Lubbock's room since I could clean it today and it'll be fine for another month. He doesn't go in there except to sleep and have his diaper changed. He's started doing this thing lately where after he goes to the bathroom, he'll walk into his nursery and stand by the changing table. Everyone keeps telling me that he might be ready to potty train, but I am certainly not going to begin doing that with a 14 month old. I think that's way too young. I'd like for him to be able to sit on the toilet and he's too small for that.

I took pictures of the nursery after I cleaned it. It's obviously sports themed, but we agreed to not allow any one team to be represented since Kevin and I (Texas Tech and Oklahoma State) have our own universities and my dad loves BYU. I always tell Kevin that Lubbock will go to OSU and he says if Lubbock ever threatens that, his response will be, "Son, if God intended for you to go to OSU, he would have named you Stillwater!" Our next boy will be named Payne (the county OSU is in) ... Stillwater would be a funny name.

Well, Kevin is home and he's going to fire up the grill for some blue cheese burgers and garlic fries ... yum. (I may post more pictures of Lubbock's room, but the site is acting weird right now.)

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Melisa said...

Go Cougs! ;) My family bleeds blue too.